Marketing strategy

By developing a marketing strategy, we use tools of quantitative marketing research, evaluate the development of market segments and competitors' tactics and other players in adjacent markets. Promotion strategy is directly related to the assortment and price strategy, marketing plan.
» General description of the market
Market assessment. Description of the current market volume and its trends, competitive environment, evaluation of consumer preferences, evaluation of the current product/service assortment matrix and its sales. Marketing-audit.
» Functional strategy
Segmentation :
|by product(properties and benefits)
|price and quality
|application and use
|by audience
|on competitors
» The instrumental strategy
Marketing mix (4P) - development of product, pricing, distribution and product promotion policy..
» Positioning
|determination of the target market, evaluation of the current perception of the brand and competitors
|development and testing of possible concepts of product/service positioning, creating the desired image for the target audience
|writing a market positioning strategy
|particular actions to obtain the desired market position with a competitive advantage
|checking of the adopted positioning after a certain time.
» Promotion strategy
The choice of the target audience for communication, the definition of the desired indicators and reactions, the definition of the main messages in communication with the target audience, the choice of promotion channels (media mix), budgeting, the implementation plan of the strategy - objectives of events, the choice of reporting materials, deadlines, etc.
» Marketing plan
SWOT analysis, target market selection, business planning, action plan and cost estimation

|Assessment of markets, customers and competitors Check of sales channels and target audience,
|Audit of functional components of marketing(assortment, price, commercial strategy, communication strategy)
| Audit of the sales and marketing service( the structure of the unit, assessment of business processes, plans, forecasts, KPI implementation)
|Evaluation of the formation and implementation of ideas and innovations

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